Efficient Levelling

The day that I write this post I'm at lvl 65. I humbly write this guide as I think of myself as just a mediocre high level player. I claim myself to be a Hay Day addict but a true Hay Day fanatic would have far surpassed me in level. They're the ones who can play Hay Day non stop and extremely camp the brochure day and night (sounds familiar). Not to mention if they also use Tom. In my estimation, by now, the highest level player would already reached the Lvl 70 Club. Though I play Hay Day less nowadays and devote my Hay Day passion to this blog, I'm glad that I could share this with you guys. The point of this post is to make your leveling become quite faster and easier in a doable and realistic manners, well to me at least. So let's get rolling shall we? Save up! On the contrary to many beliefs that I seem to spend money on this game and despite my farm isn't lacking anything, the truth is I never spend a dime in this game. I got diamonds from saving up and some from a game bug. Well long ago there is this bug where you can open a mystery box over and over again. This is when the game was still new and at trial and error phase. So same as many of you, I play this game by doing a lot of effort. And one of them is saving up many items that I consider rare. I have acquired a considerable amount of rare item but that's also because I refrain myself from using them. Usually after I level up, I take a break from doing any rare delivery for some time. Saving up all these rare items eventually will help you level faster because when needed you always have the rare stuff laying around and ready to use. You start slow but in the end you'll come out as a winner. Be selective with your order choices. This is also related to saving up. I will give you an example which order I do and don't. No 1, Yes. Because it only needs 2 blackberry juice and the rest of the request is very easy to get. This is of course because coins is the least of my worries at this stage. No 2, Hell No! It uses too many rare items and the xp or coin rewards stink. No 3, Nope. Why? The only item that is worth saving is butter and I have 42 at that picture. The reason I'm reluctant not to use my butter is because a lot of my production units depend on it. And also I keep butter reserve in large quantity so I can focus producing other dairy product that I need. No 4, Yes. Any crops request is good. Especially ones that can be produced in less than 2 hours. The lower the crop lvl the better. I never buy low lvl crop that I need for orders despite not having enough. I plant it myself because by planting and harvesting, you gain xp and possible useful loot from it too. No 5, definitely a No. Despite that seems to offer a good reward, as you can see my stock of crucial items is low, so cheese and rare strawberry ice cream. No 6, Big YES. This is probably one of my favorite orders. Hamburgers are so easy to get, and despite the xp and coin reward are low I would gladly spend my coin and do this order every time it pops up for the sake of xp. I rather tear up an order if the item request takes too long to complete. Doing every order will not make you level faster. I rather do less order in a day than having to spend all my item on unworthy requests just for the sake of xp. I keep a worth doing order on my board even I'm still lacking of an item in it because a good order is hard to find. Less is more. All of these are basic examples of what you can do to level up efficiently.
Use every arsenal to level up. As you can see I don't intend to complete this boat order. But there is an easy request, in this case the blue sweater. This item is abundance in the market and if you are not worried about da monee to spend, then by all means, wrap that blue sweater in all those boxes. Boat orders can be very useful without completing it because when you reach a certain level, xp become more valuable than coins. Plant trees and bushes. Those things generate a lucrative profit and produce xp whenever you harvest them. The whole process of this tree & bush business involves xp. Even when the time is there that you need to chop them down. Don't let your farm look like graveyard while these dead bushes/trees actually gave you decent xp when you clean them up. Lastly, even though this doesn't happen often, reviving your neighbor plants provide a good xp. Just say average reviving per plant gives you 10xp. When you do 2000 of them, you get 20k xp. That's quite some rite?

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